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Vidur Prasad

My name is Vidur Prasad and I am currently a junior at the University of Michigan, where I am pursuing a dual major in Computer Science and Economics, and dabbling in my avid interest in Political Science. My research interests in Computer Science are in Sensor Data Processing, Computer Vision & Machine Learning, and my interest in Economics include Computational Economics and Emerging Markets. 
I worked as a Summer Business Analyst at E15 Analytics, where I advised stadiums and venues on their beverage offerings by developing an Artifical Neural Network to understand and analyze the US alcoholic beverage market. I currently work as a management consultant at BOND Consulting, where we provide pro-bono consulting services to local companies in the Ann Arbor area. I am currently a project manager, and manage a team of BOND consultants who closely analyze client's data to provide operational and strategic consulting services; more information is available at I am also the President of Michigan Investment Group and a member of the Quantitative Trading desk and the Natural Resources desk. 

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